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the one thing that sets you apart from other businesses is YOU.

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, but you have one special asset that sets you apart from all of the other businesses out there: YOU. Someone might have a similar business to you, but nobody has your same story, expertise, and thoughts.


Late nights, working through lunch, and bragging about lack of sleep have become the norm. But true business magic happens when you actually nurture yourself because you are your #1 asset.


With Do Well Department, you'll learn to create a better business (think optimized, smarter, and streamlined) as well as a stronger business owner (think supported, taken care of, and relaxed). With our tools and support system, you’ll have an unstoppable combination that will blow the business owner you used to be and the business you used to have out of the water.

with the do well department, you'll have...

the benefits of working for a bigger company, from the comfort of your home office.

unique Small group community

Unlike other communities, you won't be dropped into a huge Facebook group. You'll be added to a small group of other solopreneurs so that you can grow together.

live +

on-demand workshops

Get access to our monthly business masterclasses, live and on-demand yoga classes, meditations, and workouts, and fun community-building events.



work perks

Every month, you and your team will have the chance to win "work perks" like gift cards, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and wellness sessions.


resources vault

We're always adding to our resources vault! Filled with things like contract templates, freebie ideas, and guides to help your business run better than ever.

entrepenuers are


more likely to report having a mental health condition.

Why You Should Put Yourself First

Because there are millions of other businesses out there, but only one you.


Here at Do Well Department, our programming is based on scientifically proven ways to help you and your business work better. There are a lot of business programs out there that promise to improve your business, but they are all ignoring the thing about your business that makes it the most special: your passion, ideas, and genius.


And while our masterclasses still provide tons of advice from business experts, our wellness opportunities will help set you apart from other burnt-out business owners. By taking advantage of Do Well Department, you will be given scientifically-backed ways to boost productivity, reduce sick days, increase motivation, and more.


You'll learn:


How self-care boosts productivity and motivation.


How to work smarter not harder.


Why physical movement and collaborations makes us more creative.

a success plan with your well-being in mind.

bonus perks.

emergency fund

Emergencies happen. We want to be there when they do. 3% of all funds go into our emergency fund to be used for emergency grants when our members need them most.


We offer combined business and wellness retreats to our members for those looking to make strides in their business and their self-care.

1-on-1 health coaching + yoga

Looking for more from our community? You can schedule discounted health coaching and 1-on-1 yoga sessions.

still have questions?