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for joy, wellness, and success

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We all know that yoga is good for our health and that we'd probably work better if we took breaks to move throughout the day, but actually finding the time, energy, and mindset to do those things is another story.


Which is why we created a 3-month long course that helps you do just that. By focusing on 3 different themes: mindset, mission, and management, this course helps people learn to work smarter, not harder, optimize their schedule, and fill their week with activities that are proven to promote joy, wellness, and success.


Each of our modules is filled with scientifically-proven ways to help you work and live better. Plus, each value-packed and expertly-informed workshop will be released in bite-sized 20-minute segments.

how our course works.

build a strong mindset

Cultivating strong habits starts with building a strong mindset. During the first four weeks you'll learn how to get rid of what isn't serving you and craft a positive mindset. You'll also learn scientifically-proven ways to accomplish your goals. The mindset module will help you get in the headspace to craft a work-balanced lifestyle.

get in touch with your mission

Most of us know what kind of goals and tasks we should be pursuing in the first place, but knowing why you're doing your work serves two fundamentally important efficiency-related purposes as well: it motivates you and it orients you. Our mission module helps you get in touch with why you do what you do.


Once you've discovered you business and life-related goals and why you want them, it's time to learn how to accomplish them. We've all signed up for a gym membership or a class and never attended. This module will give you expertly-informed life management skills and how to put to use what you've learned.

cultivate POWERFUL habits

With cutting edge research on habit formation in mind, our program will help even the busiest businesspeople cultivate healthy habits in their daily lives. Once you complete our course you'll have a ton of resources, life hacks, and powerful habits to help you achieve the life you desire and deserve.

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mindset. mission. management.

our 3 part course created to help you build healthy habits inside + outside of the office

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Our small-group community

on-demand library of yoga,
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All-access to weekly workshops

Daily Meditations

Our small-group community

On-demand library of yoga,
meditation, and movement classes
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