Our Values


1. Inclusivity

We’re always working to increase diversity and inclusivity in our community as neither the business nor the wellness world is known for either. We strive to value our diverse community with inclusive practices such as our zero-tolerance policy for racism,

sexism, classism, ageism, and religious intolerance. Additionally, we employ a diverse group of coaches and experts, as well as reserving a few sliding scale memberships for those in need. Our team is consistently striving to make our community more equitable and inclusive at every turn.


2. Cultivating joy

As a business community, we want you to be accomplishing all of your financial goals. We want you to attract your dream clients and never worry about paying your electricity bill at the end of the month. But, we also want you to feel successful outside of your business. We want you to feel like a successful friend, a successful parent, and a successful partner. We want you feeling happy on a day-to-day basis. We do this through our non-business-related events, which have been scientifically proven to promote joy and happiness.


3. Community over competition

When our founder, Calli, was looking for business friends, she turned to Facebook pages filled with thousands of members. While Facebook pages have their own value, they're also filled with tons of rules. Believing in community over competition, we provide a place for entrepreneurs to share their wins, new offerings, and more.


4. Balance over burnout

We are often pushed to our limit as entrepreneurs. We work weekends, we stay up past our bedtimes, and we get up early. But not taking care of ourselves affects our business. When you're not sleeping well, you are proven to be less productive at work. When you're not staying active, studies show that you have 72% decrease in time management. Instead of pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, we value working smarter instead of harder and taking care of the business owner and the business in tandem.


5. Gratitude

Gratitude goes hand and hand with cultivating joy. Gratitude is proven again and again to make you feel happier, more connected to those around you, and more fulfilled. We truly believe in the power of gratitude and work it into our community whenever possible.


6. Giving Back

One of our favorite "work perks" here at Do Well Department is our emergency fund. 3% of all membership dues are saved for a fund that was created for our members going through difficult times. Being an entrepreneur, it can feel like you have no one to turn to when you lose a client and can't afford your bills at the end of the month. We want to be there for our clients in their hardest moments.


7. Authentic Connection

We believe in the power of a strong community. Each of our members gets the chance to talk with our founder or another community member as soon as they join our community. We also have a small-team-style membership that is great for getting close with a small group of people.


Go ahead and take a look around to learn more about us. We'd love to get you to know better.

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