75 Questions To Help You Set Strong Goals with Visible Results

Did you know that you are THIRTY times more likely to achieve your goals when you have them clearly defined? Imagine going into this new year, month, day, or minute being thirty times more likely to achieve exactly what you want.

Plus, by setting your goals, you’re ahead of 97% of other business owners because that is the percentage of business owners who aren’t setting clearly defined goals. That means that simply by completing this goal setting session and keeping your goals clear in your mind for the next few years, you’re going to 30x more likely to accomplish your goals than 97% of other business owners.

Today we’re going to think about the things we want to achieve in three to five years. We usually overestimate how much we can achieve in 12 months, but we underestimate how much we can achieve in five times that! So today, imagine your ideal life, no matter how crazy it is. And don’t think about how you’re going to achieve your goals, but just what those goals are.

Do we need to say more?! If you haven’t already, head to the replay of our goal setting session with Calli within Do Well Department. She’ll take you through a guided meditation and many of the questions listed below to help you create your ideal life.

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