well-being for you + your business.

Workplace wellness + company culture for remote businesses and work-from-home solopreneurs

as a solopreneur...

it’s easy to feel like you have to sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of your business’s success.

Late nights, early mornings, and burnout—we've all been there. But, would you believe us if we told you that studies show that we actually work better and make more money when we're taking care of ourselves?


Yeah, that's right. We're here to teach you how you can have your matcha and drink it too.

as an employer...

you might feel like providing benefits to your employees is inaccessible.


The world's most successful businesses know that taking care of their employees is a key part of their success. This is because healthy, happy employees don't just live better, but they work better.


Also, did we mention that many experts believe that your employees are your greatest assets within your business? So investing in your employees can be one of the best investments you can make.


With Do Well Department, we help you and your employees work smarter with our benefits and culture program.

with the do well department, you'll have...

the benefits of being in the office from the comfort of your home.

virtual community

Whether you're a solopreneur looking to make new business connections (or friends!) or an employer looking to create better connections within your team, our virtual team-building is for you.

on-demand library

Our certified coaches, meditation leaders, and yoga teachers have created an entire library of classes for you and/or your team. From full-length classes to 5-minute chair yoga, you can de-stress and re-energize anywhere.

Additional work perks

Want the full package? We also offer add-ons like health coaching, retreat planning, live 1-on-1 and private group classes, and more. All of these come at a discounted cost with your membership.


There is a lot of noise out there regarding the best way to improve your business and your life. That's why each month we release an expert-run masterclass to help businesspeople thrive inside and outside of the workplace.

Employees who don't stay physically active are


more likely to have low productivity than employees who stay active.

just steps away from a better you + business.

complete our intro course

We all know what's good for us, but actually doing it is a different story. Informed by science, our 100-day intro course was created to help integrate wellness, joy, and on-going education into your schedule with ease.

explore our on-demand library

Discover our on-demand library of yoga classes, workouts, and meditations to find what works for your wellness needs. Perfect when you need a mood-booster anytime, anywhere.

access master-classes

Each month a new masterclass will be released. Crafted with businesspeople in mind, each masterclass is created to help you thrive inside and outside of the business world.

enjoy "Work perks"

Our community members come first! We're always thinking of ways to make your experience even better, which is why we host community-wide events, offer a virtual co-working space, relaxation pods, and more!

start working smarter, feeling better, and doing well.

If you're ready to throw in the burnout for balance and the hustle for a hacked schedule, you're ready to join Do Well Department.

a success plan with your well-being in mind.

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